Notes About Growing Up – The Table Of Contents

I ‘m sending Notes About Growing Up to my editor Margo Dill soon. Here is the table of contents.

Introduction 9

Part I – Valley View, Texas 11

Merry Christmas Granddad 12
The Roach Place 18
The Leach Place, Duck Creek, & The Hundred Acres 23
Working & Feeding the Cattle 29
Combining the Wheat and the Picnic Grounds 34
Turner Grocery 40
Valley View National Bank 46
Clem and Leta Bell 51
TR and “Muh” 56
Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins 65
Going To Church in Valley View 73
Dad the Athlete and Mom the Majorette 79
Spending the Night With TR After Muh Died. 83
The Houses on Lee Street 86
The Leach Place Bee Hives 92
The Dreaded Visit to Hagerman’s Wildlife Refuge 95
Couch Oil 98
Xmas and Turkey Day at Valley View 103
See You in The Funny Papers 108

Part II – Denton, Texas 110

A Bottle Rocket Fight On The Brazos 111
DCNB 116
Congress Street & Ranch Estates 120
Apollo 11 129
A Haberdasher’s Hanger 136
Uncle Hark and Aunt Hazel 139
Homemade Chinese Food 142
Models, Army Men, and Wargames Too 146
He Does Not Read Kid’s Books 152
Two Miss Americas 155
The Boats 159
Times With Mom and Dad 164
The Cloud Roaring and the Aurora 171
Working at the Rent Houses 175
New York Subway Sandwiches, Taco Inn, KFC, MacDonald’s, and Sonic 181
Troop 132 187
Our Pets 191
Stitches And Casts 197
Music Lessons with Mrs. Smith 203
Family Vacations 207
My Old Schools 214
The Big Weather Balloon And Helicopter Fleets 219

Part III – Gainesville, Texas 223

Metzler’s BBQ 224
Dances and the Ranch 228
Working in the Oil Field and the Sample Library 232
Three Tornados And Touch Football 240
Drunk Driving On Golf Karts 244
I Caught A Fish And A Cloud Came Up 249
Football Teams and Coaches 256
The Church of the Divine Fermentation 262
The Evanston War 267
Speech and Debate 274

Part IV – Back In Denton, Texas At College 278

The Frat 279
Playing the Chime in the Tower 287
Bruto’s Pizza, Taco Inn, and Captain Nemo’s 293
Drunk in the Dorm 299
Driving TR’s Grain Truck 307
Spring Break with Mom and Dad 311
Working at Derrick 313
KNTU News Casting 318

Part V – After College In Fort Worth 322

Arthur Andersen and Other Jobs 323
BBC 329
Buying the Monterrey House 333

Part VI – The Long Road 339

I-35: My Life’s Road 340

Afterward 343
Thanks To & Pictures 345
For More Information 347


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