Our First Date

This is from Notes To Stephanie: Days Remembered. A tale of a very wonderful first date.

As we were getting divorced, you once e-mailed me that you would always remember our first date. While I have not forgotten it either, I do not get sentimental about it. But it was a very wonderful evening, and that is what I will recount below.

I remember you came over to my house, and you rang the door bell. There you were in the pretty greenish dress that fit you so well; your legs looked great, as did your hair. We talked a little, I showed you my house, and we got in my truck and headed out for dinner.

I remember talking about various things like our life histories as we drove south to Haltom City and the Thai restaurant I had picked out. You and I liked more than one type of food, and that was one of the biggest things that first attracted me to you.

We got to the Thai place and went in, sitting towards the front of the place, which was not crowded at all. I think I had a hot green curry dish, and we had Thai beef salad as an appetizer. It was all good, and the meal hit the spot. Our conversation, of course, continued.

After that we drove downtown to Sundance Square and wandered around, we finally ended up at Billy Miner’s Saloon where I had eaten lunch years before when I worked downtown. We had some drinks and talked some more. One thing that was interesting was that a lot of people gazed at us through the window as they walked by—one guy in particular as I recall. Were they gazing at you or were they gazing at us together since we were so enthralled with each other? Who knows? They looked at us—that is for sure.

Regardless of the people looking at us, we also looked at each other throughout the evening. The night went on that way until we left to go back to my house. When we got back to my place, we got out of my truck, had a little good night kiss, and said we wanted to go out again—our arms around each other. We said goodbye, left, and I went back inside thinking about the night. It was a good first date, I thought. And my gut told me the same thing, too.

That humid summer night in July was our official beginning as a couple. I wish we had found a way to keep that interest alive and had not stopped looking into each other’s eyes, longing for the other as we did that night.

That evening was a magical time that I still see clearly in my mind as I write this now. However, in time, it will be just another memory like other things that have happened over the years. But it will be a good memory, nonetheless, when it surfaces at some future time now unknown.


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