Playing Disc Golf as a Family

I still play disc golf, after seven years after starting. It is a fun sport and provides more to its players than simply a good throw. The course below is in Fort Worth in a park I call “Aransas Park”in the book (Notes To Stephanie: Days Remembered). You locals who play disc golf can figure out where it is…..

Disc golf, the fastest growing sport you never
heard of, was one we started playing anyway.
Most people have no idea what it is unless
someone tells them about it, or they see it being

In the past, I knew about it from people I
worked with back in the 90s, but I had never
tried it. Then living here by the park, I noticed
when the course was built, and disc golf started
being played. As a result, we ordered starter
sets with three randomly chosen discs.

We threw badly, but playing was a lot of fun
with you and Jimmy. Heading down to the
course to get some exercise after dinner was
always fun, even though our scores were very,
very bad, and we all lost discs especially on
hole #17, the so called “Beast.” Indeed, that
hole was a disk magnet, which daily sucked
discs of the unwary into its watery maw.
Jimmy started mining the creek by the Beast’s
fairway for disks and found my favorite disk,
the Instep Saturn, which I still use although I
now have some 30 different disks from the
usual manufacturers like Innova, Millennium,
and DiscCraft.

The best parts of us playing were being able to
get exercise and spend some time together.
Those things were both fun and good. You even
said as we divorced that you would miss that,
too. I missed it, although I have found new
people to play with. We play the old course, but
we also play others as well; and I have learned
about new discs to try from them. Regardless of
the new courses I play or the new discs I buy, I
still think the course in the park down the hill is
my favorite. And the good old Saturn disc is
still dependable, too.

So when I go down the hill and play the holes
on the course, I sometimes think of our times
there and how much fun they were. All families
should find some activity that everyone will
enjoy as we did and as my family did when
playing volleyball in our backyard as a kid.

Such things do more than keep one healthy.
They also build memories and family ties,
which are sorely missing in our modern age of
mindless self-interest. And thus, a bunch of
plastic discs thrown into the wind at the park,
something simple and fun, built family
memories for us all.


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