The Leach Place Bee Hives

Another Note from the fourth Notes book I am now writing. Do like honey?

The other day when I went walking I saw some bees flying close to the ground. They were buzzing around the in-ground water meter of the house two doors down. You could see them going in and out of a little space between the metal hatch of the meter and the concrete of it’s in ground receptacle. Where there are bees coming and going there is honey and a hive. How do you know that for certain outside of seeing that on some animal show on TV? I know about bees since TR had some hives by the big stock tank at the Leach Place.

TR dabbled in a lot of things and the bees were just another one of his pursuits. He had several wooden box hives – painted white – that were in a line, each of them had more than one cell stacked one on top of another. TR was not a professional apiarist at all and he never wore any protective gear. NO gear? Was he stung? My mom says he didn’t get stung and actually I do not remember any of us getting stung either. I guess the bees were not bothered by us being there or when TR would pull out one of the combs dripping with fresh honey to take back home. No “Killer Bees” were in those quiet country hives.

As a result we always had honey around for biscuits and other things. Sometimes we would just eat some of the comb, chewing it until the wax became a chewing gum of sorts and the sweet bee nectar was gone. I guess the bees helped pollinate TR’s wheat and alfalfa and thus their work became our sweet treat on top of hot, warm biscuits on many a morn.

Now back in the present what did I do after spotting the little hive? I did not lift up the heavy metal lid. I had no idea how many bees were in there and sure didn’t want to piss them off and get stung by a whole volley of them. Instead of being too curious I called the water department instead. What was interesting was the fact that the lady I spoke to said she had gotten another report in a different part of town of bees having a hive in the meter there.

Well, are the bees seeking new real estate? Is this phenomena part of their numbers dwindling for some unknown reason or plague? I trust the City won’t simply blast them with Diazinon and will instead scoop them up Queen, combs, workers, and all and take them to some new, safe plant filled place to buzz around.

I hope they are not stricken by whatever is killing many of our bees; hopefully they will thrive wherever they wind up going. A world without bees and their fresh sweet honey will not be a very sweet world at all.


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