Spending The Night With TR After Muh Died.

Another tale that will be part of “Notes About Growing Up And Kin” one day.

After Muh died I have a memory of TR driving down to Denton and picking me up to spend the night with him in Valley view. My mom does not recall that but I do for a couple of reasons which I outline below.

I remember TR pulling into our gravel drive way in his white Buick Electra. He came down on a Saturday during the spring, the day was cool with some low grey clouds streaming north with the breeze – the weather at that instant was a clue to what would happen later on.

One of the two things I recall was what he made for our supper that night. It was a simple southern dish called soft-fried potatoes and onions. One sliced potatoes and onions and friend them oil until they were soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. We ate them up and I think TR sprinkled some “pepper sauce” – peppers in white vinegar in a little bottle – on his (my mom says he would not have put that on his spuds). I don’t know if I did but I still like pepper sauce regardless of when I started using it. The soft-fried spuds I don’t indulge in much now since my diabetes would not like it so. But back to that day or night.

I slept with TR in his big bed on the side by the window on the house’s east side. During the night there was a big thunderstorm – remember the grey clouds that morning? They were s sign of what was then raging above our heads. At some point there was a HUGE thunderclap that shook the windows and seemingly the whole house. Such things are not rare in Texas as you know since Tornado Alley drops its southern end across the Red River into my part of the State. I do not know if I woke TR up after that big thunderclap or not. Or if I was scared but my mom tells me he never worried about the storms or if a tornado came near or actually hit. He never seemed to worry about things he could not control. And then I guess I must have gone back asleep. I do not recall more after that point; I guess I was too little to remember much else.

While TR arriving, the good food, and the big thunder are all I recall of that day and night it shines out of the darkness of past memories like a lightning bolt sharp and clear.


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