The Date in the Park

A date in a park on a hot summer day……Trinity Park in Fort Worth, Texas.


Our second date was unusual, I think.  How many folks  have a picnic on a table in a park with German food and beer on a hot summer day? Well, we did that the weekend after our first date.

I had gone to the German deli in Grapevine and got some sausage and cheese, and I bought some German beer at Hall’s Market south of there.  Hall’s had a huge selection of imported beer, so I got some good German brew and put it on ice for the outing.

You once more came over to my house, and we saddled up and drove to Trinity Park.  The day was pretty hot, and I was reminded of the infamous Mayfest storm that had plowed through there and destroyed the Mayfest event along with a billion dollars of damage to homes, cars, and businesses.  Plus, it killed a few people. But no hail storm was forecast that day—just sun, fair weather clouds, and of course, high humidity, which put us in the shade on a picnic table by the truck.

We spread out the goodies and opened the cold beer, ate, and talked for a long time about a lot of stuff—even things in our lives that were very painful to us.  But we were comfortable with each other that day, and we opened up a lot to each other on topics that were intimate,  personal, and sometimes hard to talk about.  I do not think most people are inclined to do that so soon with someone, but we did; and I think it increased our attraction to each other quite a bit.  Not that we needed much encouragement then.

Many people seem to think that when you go on a date, you have do something dramatic and spend a large amount of money to impress the other person.  But we did not do that on that fine day.  We just enjoyed the simple pleasures of some good food and fine beer, so the drama was in what we talked about and how it brought us closer together. 

That was the play we acted out on the stage of life that day. It was a good thing to do. Not some contrived and overdone production that many are prone to do. There are many people in life, who do not seem to be able to appreciate doing something simple.  That is their loss, since simple things are sometimes the seed from which something greater sprouts and grows.  Just as our talk over lunch in the park was one of the seeds for our budding relationship on that hot and wonderful July day in the park.


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