This Note from ‘Notes to Stephanie: Middle Aged Love letters And Life stories” talks about how couples are alike but yet different. Their “yin and yang” that makes them one.

I do love you my dearest Stephanie. Even with some of things in your personality that drive me to near insanity on occasion. Well, not really that far my dear, but like all couples we both irk each other some. But you know, the things that bug me about you relate to the fact they are in areas where we are opposite. Like me being regimented and into planning and you being impulsive. These are things that are basic to our beings. Thus, when they appear they perhaps cause more emotional angst than they otherwise would. Thus, when something happens in such an area, it does cause a few sparks.

Well, we know that we are alike but yet different. Regardless of the areas of difference, we are more alike than we are different. And the areas of personality convergence are in the areas of life that we hold to be important: being faithful, working hard, doing the right thing, loving our kids & families, and things we enjoy doing for fun. To us, those are the values and habits that are at our cores and also make a person good, happy, and productive. Those are the most important things to us in life in short. Therefore, these other parts of our personalities are not so important in day to day life are they?

Well, these other areas can be important too since they still relate to the persons we are at a basic level. So we have to be mindful of how those things are perceived by each other. And sometimes adjust some of our behaviors for each other. And at the same time know that we both love each other without hesitation. In the end, this love is what keeps us patient with each other as we still get to know each other more deeply, even after being together a whole year.

So all in all, I know we are happy being married to each other. Both of us know we cannot imagine not being together. Truly, if we had not married or delayed our wedding we would have been unwise. It is natural for us to be a couple, and that is how we shall stay to the end of our lives. Joined at the hip even though when some differences arise we may want to squirm away from each other, the ties that bind us together as one remain strong and alive as they were in the early days of our romance when our love blossomed and bloomed so large and bright.

Jeff to Stephanie July 12, 2007


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