I Found This Picture

Many of t he Notes in my first book, “Notes To Stephanie; Middle Aged Love letters And Life Stories”, were very short. Short but they still made a point. I refer to a picture and I found it and have put it in the post .forever_sky

I found this picture yesterday. See the little speck of the truck way down the road? I like to think that represents you and I years from now, with the foreground being the present time of our lives. The broad prairie is the rich canvass of life that the universe has painted for us. We are traveling down life’s road with each other to wherever it takes us together, and forever, in love. Not looking back but looking ahead to what is over the horizon. Certainly we have had a few bumps in the road from things like the kids, and other things in our past lives, but it has to smooth out sometime soon doesn’t it? Yes, smooth like the road in the picture, and straight to where we want to go with our life together.

I hope we can get away one weekend soon and drive to someplace like that picture. Just you and me and some timeless space far away from the places of our daily life whose expanse will surround and swallow us, but give us rest from the things that have beset us so regularly since we wed almost four months ago.

Jeff To Stephanie, February 23, 2007

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