Bonds Ranch Road: The View of Forever

Out on the far northwest side of Fort Worth is a hill with a view that overlooks Eagle Mountain Lake and parts of three counties. It seems the view goes on forever, hence the title of this note from “Notes To Stephanie: Days Remembered”. It is a very special place to me in many ways. I hope this note gives you some of what I see and feel when I am there.

Do you remember the day we drove around in the country and went on Bonds Ranch Road and parked on the top of the hill with the gorgeous view to the west? Remember the hill with the view that is both huge and beautiful, which seems to go on forever?

The expanse one sees was not infinite, however; but in earlier times, like the frontier era, it might as well have been infinite given the fact that people then seldom left their immediate area, never straying much from their farms, ranches, or towns. What one saw covered all of western Tarrant County and also parts of Parker and Wise as well. Looking southwest, one could also see the ridge of hills that overlooked parts of Hood and Johnson Counties beyond. The panorama was certainly grand in its sweep and the areas it covered.

This view of the countryside covered places we both had been to or had lived near at various times in our lives. In a way, the view there was a picture of our lives: the places were the results and mileposts of choices made in the past. From there, you could see where you were and perhaps see where you might go, depending on what you might choose within the bubble of your own individual universe of existence.

So, there we were one sunny Sunday in the truck or maybe it was the Camry with a six pack of Stella Artois, discussing the nature of the universe and our lives while looking across the rolling terrain towards Eagle Mountain Lake. That day was very nice with you; it really was. Bright sunshine, and the sunshine of what we had with each other, along with that pretty view made me feel alive and well with things overall.

It is still a nice and wonderful place even with the sea of houses starting to encroach upon its rolling prairies and grass-filled pastures from the east. I still go there sometimes to ponder things like the past, the present, and of course, the future and what it may hold. Except when a car drives by, the only thing heard is the sound of the wind blowing through the grass as it has for eons. And thus, the gentle noise of the breeze is the soundtrack to one’s reflection under the sky, overarching the world. You are not with me now, but life goes on while the world around us remains.

With or without houses on its grounds, Bonds Ranch Road will always be a special place to me. It will always have a View of Forever on top of its hill, regardless of what is around me there.


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