Surprises And Such

This short Note is from “Notes To Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories”. Part of it ties back to the themes in Forks In The Road but uses taking my former step-son to the emergency room one day when he was suddenly ill as the focal point.

Well, well, well. The election will be resolved and the end of the campaign draws neigh. Thank goodness, I have truly grown sick of it, especially the media and its near orgasmic tilt for Senator Obama. But this painful process illustrates that regardless of the ups and downs of our political culture life pretty much goes on as it always does. And so does our life in general. Like last Saturday’s surprise trip to the hospital with Jimmy. You never know what will happen. One minute things are good or in the usual routine and then the polarity of life’s electrical circuits switch in a sudden reversal creating worry and angst. Darkness where a minute ago there was light and clarity.

So like the sun rising and setting, changing light to dark and dark back into light our lives are ultimately set by these rhythms every day and year. But not on a regular schedule like the sun however. The uncertainty of when both good things and bad things take place provides one with a certain amount of variety, much of it unwanted, some of it necessary, and some of it a source of joy.

Jimmy’s trip to the hospital is certainly one example of an unwanted but also necessary event. And yet one which would not have happened quite the same way unless we had not met in the first place. Good begets bad in way you know. To be sure Jimmy’s getting sick that day most likely would have happened if we had never met and married but how it transpired would have been different had I not been in your life, and certainly I would have never known about it with you absent from my existence. But I was there and I was able to get Jimmy in the truck and get him to the hospital. So in the end something good came out of that bad situation: I was able to be there for him and you too.

So life’s uncertain events are certainly not a clockwork sunrise but more of an inconstant moon in the skies of our lives. Each day we awake and find out what will be served up to us, sometimes an un-tasty buffet, but also sometimes a welcome and joyous feast. Regardless, these things define the uncertain pattern of our lives.

Jeff to Stephanie November 4. 2008


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