The Rain Today

This is a favorite Note from “Notes To Stephanie: Middle Aged Love letters And Life Stories”. As you see in much of my writing I use weather as part of the point I am making. I especially like the last paragraph.

The rain today was certainly a torrent wasn’t it my dear? It came in many ways. It poured down on us, it came horizontally at times, and it welled up as run off that made us drive even slower through the low spots on our way to work. Finally it then tapered off and sprinkled itself to an end ultimately.

This cycle of the rain and weather ebbing and flowing is sort of like life isn’t it? The types of rains certainly are like different times of our life, either when viewed across the hazy and wide expanse of the long decades prior to now or across the short and many times emotional view of a few busy days. And the lightning and thunder too plays their part. Remember the low growl of the thunder as we left for work this morning? And the bright forks of the many lightning bolts as we went through the intersection at I-35W?

Those events too are like life. The rain one might be compared to the overall stream of events that make up the timeline of our existence. The thunder and its parental bolts, like Thor’s Hammer, surely can be compared to the many major events that also sometimes come unexpectedly. The sudden flash illuminating all, the rolling thunder echoing across the landscape afterwards. Likewise are the effects caused by some major or sudden event that is part of our past and its enduring or lasting effect upon us or our families.

As we remember memorable storms and floods like we probably will today’s, we also remember many things in our pasts that made impressions upon us. Hopefully we learned from these events, whether or not they were good or bad. And therefore adapted for the better based on the lessons learned from such deluges of life. In the same way we learned from experiences as children that taught us to come in from the rain to avoid getting hit by lightning or getting drenched by a downpour. Staying inside where it was dry to watch and learn from the rain as it passed over us.

So to me, the cycle of a line of thunderstorms is like the line of our lives as seen on the temporal radar screen. It comes and it goes, waxing and waning and giving definition to the day and night, but in the end the rain does ends. As do our lives, which oscillate back and forth in their own rhythm of good and bad until our torrents of love emotion, grief, happiness, hope and fear that make our own storms of individuality pass into the calm of eternity.

Jeff To Stephanie October 15, 2007


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