Another Busy Weekend

What couples do on the weekend…..this is from “Notes To Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories”.

Another very busy weekend is now done and we are back to work my dearest. And it was a good weekend; we got a lot of things done. And we did have some time to ourselves in between things. Especially Sunday morning and midday Sunday (Mrrroooowww !!!!

We THREE times….). Well, I digress as usual. But onward to more significant, and public, discussions now.
The point of my ramblings is that as we ourselves discussed, we enjoyed each other’s company while doing work and chores. The highlight of these things was of course “The Sunday Odyssey On Our Roof”. Yes, doing roof repairs can be something fun when done together. That one thing shows something wonderful about our relationship as we observed more than once in our almost un-ceasing talks the last two days and before. That is, we really like being with each other pretty much all of the time and can turn even the obvious drudgery and tedium of repairs and chores into something we can enjoy with one another.

Certainly another sign, actually proof, that we are absorbed with one another isn’t it? I, for one, do not mind being this way. It is wonderful and shows what a marriage can be. Even at our “advanced” age, right? Each of us is a “Veteran of the Psychic Wars” (a Blue Oyster Cult song whose title I have used to refer to those of us who have “fought” in the “wars” of middle aged adult dating). But we have survived the tribulations of that emotional battlefield and can enjoy each other in most any setting.

Unlike many adult couples our age. And we also have endured all of the trials life has thrown at us since we most happily got married last Halloween. As Martha Stewart (who you like and who I despise) says “it’s a good thing”. On this one subject I will happily agree with Martha. But I won’t buy her towels and sheets.

Jeff To Stephanie March 5, 2007


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