Colors Of the Rainbow

Rainbows can be more than reflected rainfall. They can paint the pallet of the colors of who we are. This is from “Notes To Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories”.

Colors of the rainbow. You have more than one time my dear compared our personalities to the colors of the rainbow. A visible spectrum of behavior if you will. You said you were, and saw, the whole spectrum of light. Thus you saw people and events with more shades of grey than I did. While I was the mostly the ends: black and white. But with a ray of red down the middle, thus explaining my usual tendency of having one way or the other views but also showing why I have an almost inexplicable off the wall side (like my weird sense of humor) that cropped up from time to time.

Our personalities are therefore alike but yet different still. We share some colors, but many we do not. There is much we have in common but there are still enough differences to create great interest in the other and sometimes great frustration as well. These differences, and common traits, also ferment great passion in our love life and create a sense of wonder about the other most days.

In nature, a rainbow appears after a storm. It is luminous and shiny after the dark and rainy event that gave birth to it. Likewise with each of us, events both dark and stormy, but also ones that are bright and full of life, have made us who we are individually, and in turn who we are together as a couple.

The colors of our relationship rainbow really do blend together to create a close and exciting marriage that is also full of contentment, safety, and predictability for both of us. That way, as life’s storms do rage around us, and the rainbows appear, we are consistent in our love for one another always.

Jeff To Stephanie February 28, 2007

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