Cabals And Clicks

Clicks in groups are one of those things that makes life “suck” sometimes. They are everywhere. Here is a tale about one at a school district (I’m not going to say which one….). It is in “Notes To Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories”.

Cabals and clicks: groups of people without enough productive tasks to occupy their small, pathetically inept minds. Unfortunately you are beset by one such group right now at the other school. These “groupies” as I sometimes call them seem to view you as a threat, projecting their inner disdain of their own manifest and pervasive inadequacies, onto you to create angst in your life.

It does make one angry to have to waste one’s productive time defending one’s self against their insidious and mindless assaults. These attacks are the work of people who are less than honorable and also less than competent. Why else would they waste time doing such things? The more they make others look bad, the less other people might look at them and discover their many short-comings.

It seems most groups of people are populated by such human lemmings. We have seen that recently of course with Commode…err….Code Blue. Mindless ninnies who wanted to cast doubt on our relationship when they knew nothing about it. They themselves in some cases were unhappy in their own worlds and thus felt no one else could possibly possess a happy existence. Surely such thoughts are those conceptualized by self centered morons. And endless waves of such dolts seem to batter our shores on a regular basis right?

Without sounding like some broken record, surely such actions are a cautionary tale teaching us to keep our distance from people in many cases, and of course to defend ourselves against the vicious psychotic blitzkriegs that they launch seemingly from nowhere against our ramparts guarded only by ourselves and our morals and upright actions. So my love, we must always tighten our helmet straps and prepare for the worst but always hope for the best. Such is the fabric of life in a universe populated by people who are even more imperfect than we are.

Jeff To Stephanie June 1, 2007

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