CERT Class: Starting to be Partners

This is from “Notes To Stephanie: Days Remembered”. It shows how you can get a date via fire suppression training…..

We met by accident in Community Emergency Response Team class. We both wanted to serve the community, and we signed up for it not knowing the other and certainly not looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend there either. But that is what we got out of the class in the end. And how that happened was kind of funny.

We both remembered seeing the other the first time and thinking the other was cute. With this newfound and unexpected attraction, we started talking to each other, and I thought there was some mutual interest. But when you stopped talking to me, I was surprised. I was not aware until later that some of your erstwhile “friends” in Code Blue were giving you a hard time about it—something they kept doing even as our wedding approached. But that idiocy is not the story here; the story is how we resumed things.

One night in class, the topic was fire suppression. We would use fire extinguishers to put out a small fire in teams of two. The class teacher, Officer Lambert, along with a fireman explained how the drill would be done. Each team would have two members. One person would carry the fire extinguisher and the other, called a “buddy”, would hold on to the first person, in case that person had to be pulled out to safety. After that simple explanation, you dropped the bombshell.

We were standing around talking as people were starting to pick partners, and you said something like, “We should become partners.” Of course, you meant something besides just being partners in the class. So, we teamed up for the drill. I was in front first, with you holding on to me, and then we switched places. You later said that was fun and that it really turned you on to be able to hold on to my backside. The same was true for me. I liked your nice, curvy rear end, too.

I got the hint and asked for your phone number after class in the Police Academy parking lot, which led to our first date. And the rest, as they say, was history.


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