I Love You

This was an important night for me and Stephanie:we said the “L” word to each other. Not at some fancy or romantic place but after seeing some real estate. Now, how does that work you are asking? Read below and see. This note is from “Notes To Stephanie: Days Remembered”.

After we decided we were an item and were “going steady” as people in our generation used to say, I was invited to the open house of the Texas and Pacific Building by a lady who was an acquaintance of mine. With you having your real estate license still and me once having had one, it was a natural event for us to go to.

The Texas and Pacific (T&P) building was redone and turned into condominiums, changing the space once used decades ago for offices by the T&P railroad into cozy lofts and spaces for the urban dwellers of modern life. Not my type of place to live, but I wanted to see it, and you were curious about how they had redone the whole building and the prices of the units.

Like on our other dates, we climbed into my old F150 and drove downtown and parked by the building on Lancaster Street. Lancaster itself was also being reborn after the demolition of the now infamous I-30 Overhead and the re-routing of I-30 south of the T&P. Rebirth and renewal were in the air and still are in downtown Fort Worth.

We went in the building and presented our invitation to gain access to the event. We walked around and talked to the lady who invited me to the gathering—her name I now forget. We partook of the drinks and Hors D’Oeuvres and looked around. As we got up to see the spaces and units, we ran into my city councilman, Danny Scarth, who we talked to briefly. Of course, I said I was one of his constituents, which was true since I voted for him.

We went up and looked at more than one of the units, thinking they were all a bit small; but the models that were open were nice, and we thought they would sell. We exited one, and out of curiosity, went to the end of the hall where there was a little alcove. With no one around, we naturally embraced and kissed a little—your leg was wrapped around me, which was sexy indeed. You were a pretty sight in your black dress and black hose. We certainly liked each other and perhaps the drinks we had added some fuel to that fire. After that, we did not stay there long, but we soon left and drove through downtown, going north towards Weatherford Street or Belknap Street. And that is when it happened.

I do not specifically remember now what we were talking about exactly, but you said you loved me and caught yourself. I asked you back, “So do you really love me, Stephanie?” You paused as we went past some building and you said yes, you did and looked at me. I, of course, replied back that I loved you as well. Our feelings were in sync, of course; I had no doubt about it. We had progressed beyond merely being a couple or just casually dating and were getting to the “serious” stage.

And thus our relationship changed and was born again, you might say. Just as the T&P and Lancaster Street were being redone and becoming something new, so were we. We also changed by saying those three little words—“I love you”—to each other in my old Ford pickup in downtown Fort Worth that very lovely summer evening now years ago.


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