Our First Day Married

Some folk’s first day being married is on some fabulous honeymoon in Hawaii or on a cruise. Not us, we went to a real estate office and talked about our hot sauce.

I remember waking up the morning after we got married in my bedroom with you. We had survived the evening with our kids and the dinner after the wedding. The dinner had been great at Texas De Brazil; and we had gone to my house and loved on each other and fell asleep exhausted in each other’s arms.

This first day as husband and wife was anticlimactic to the wedding. We both took the day off from work since we married midweek and did not go on a honeymoon. We simply did nothing much at all that day. The thing I remember the most was driving out to Weatherford that afternoon where you visited that MLS office you had been a member of. I recall that the day was bright, sunny, and warm. We piled in one of the vehicles, and we went west on I-820 and I-20 to get there. Going to the MLS office did not take long, and we drove back to Fort Worth and my house.

We did not do much that night either as I recall. We talked about stuff like the houses and what we might do that coming weekend. We also talked about our upcoming wedding party and the invitations and wedding announcements I had mailed out, along with our private label hot sauce, “Together And Hot On Life,” from Old Gringo Chile Company. I had finished that task the morning of our wedding before my kids came over.

Certainly, it was a quiet and peaceful day. Too bad we did not know what was about to hit us from our families since we hadn’t told them we were getting hitched. That wrenching series of events was a good lesson in life. What you think may be harmless and cute may in fact be perceived as the total opposite. Sometimes, we as human beings get wrapped up in our own plans and forget they may not be seen as innocently as we think. That quiet day was the opposite of what was about to come. In any event, we survived that, too; and to this day, I still have four bottles of the hot sauce. Even though you are gone, the picture of us on the label certainly brings back memories. And the hot sauce still tastes good just like the memories of our first day married.


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