Driving Around Lake Country

On the hills around Eagle Mountain Lake’s southeast side Lake Country Estates once was an “island universe” of nice homes with big trees by the lake. Now the sea of houses which is Fort Worth’s ever growing urban sprawl is reaching around it. It is still a nice, quiet place however and would be a great place to live if I knew I never would have to drive to Dallas again or travel for business.

One of your favorite places to drive through was Lake Country Estates off of Boat Club Road. We went there many times and drove through its tree lined streets with fine homes built in decades past. A wonderful older neighborhood that you loved and one I learned to appreciate as well.

And why did we like it? For me, it was simply the look of the area. The style of the homes harkened back to an earlier more stable time; the fully grown trees told a story of a time when people were less mobile and were more prone to stay in one place. The gentle rolling hills, which sloped down to Eagle Mountain Lake and up to the rolling prairies above Lake Country, gave it a feel that few other places in that area have. The newer areas close to it did not have the same feeling—that is for sure. Indeed, it was something unique and a place where I would have been content to live.

But we never got the chance to live there for several reasons. It is still there, of course— an enclave locked in a stasis of sorts that harkens back to a Leave It to Beaver time. It is more surrounded than ever by the growing sea of newer, cookie-cutter tract homes that will someday wash up to its very shores and beyond, across the rolling prairies . But even so, its tranquility will remain for many years to come and will be home to families and people who hopefully will appreciate its stately and quiet grandeur as we did.


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