Another New Year Has Begun

Since it is the New Year, here is a note from “Notes To Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories”. The New Year is a milepost and a sign of renewal, and also hope.

Another New Year has begun. And we are in our second year of being married. Plus in June we will have known each other for two years. The marking of time, the noting of important mile-stones like anniversaries. These things show us where we are and where we have come from. The passage of time and of our lives is marked by these mileposts you see. The signposts on our journey through life together are these temporal markers seen on our calendars.

Certainly everyone has these events. Some people note them in different ways. People celebrate these things or simply note them quietly. Or even ignore them if there is pain associated with some date that to others is nothing in particular or something to note with happiness. So far, we have been marking our time together with celebrations even when other unhappy or difficult events swirl around the edges of our otherwise mostly idyllic existence together. I prefer to remember our important dates with happiness, not sadness or regret you see. Indeed, there are dates on the calendars of both of our lives that mark sad times or even the good and the bad all at once. Why things happen on certain dates is but either chance or the result of a decision made or a combination of such things. The date does not mark the calendar by itself, but life and our actions do.

So where we can let us always try to make the events that one day will be remembered and marked with happiness and glee. Why not try to do this since life will always try to throw us some curves? The happy times will hopefully be numerous and overshadow the bad ones. And together these days on the calendar will one day mark the time we had on this Earth and in this life, and especially in our life together as a couple.

Jeff To Stephanie January 2, 2008


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