My Birthday in 2007

A happy trip to a museum on my birthday. This is from “Notes To Stephanie: Days Remembered”.

Even now, I can truly say one of my best adult birthdays was in 2007 with you. You did something a little unusual for me that day. The big part of the day was going to the Museum of Natural History to see a show at its IMAX theatre. In my whole life, I had never seen one of those shows, and it was quite neat. I remember sitting in the seats, which curved around the theatre, watching the huge screen with you there next to me. Seeing that IMAX movie made me want to see more like that—we just never did that unfortunately.

After the show, we walked around the museum. That was fun, and it brought back many childhood memories of going there with my parents. The exhibits were filled with kids and their parents walking around looking at or interacting with the exhibits they saw. Such a museum is a great place for families, for sure, or couples like we were.

That May day was cool and a bit rainy. I remember sitting on that second story area with you, having a snack to raise my low blood sugar. We watched the rain drip down onto the rocks, trees, and plants below us in the atrium that had some turtles swimming around in a pool. We both thought it was peaceful and pretty all at the same time.

The grey skies did not darken things that day either. The cool temperatures and rain were an added blessing to a day that you made so special for me. All birthdays should be that way for everyone. They should never be ruined by someone else who does something to annoy you or make you mad. While birthdays get more routine and maybe even meaningless as you get older, I really loved that day. You made it a fun, unique, and all around good day. A wonderful time that, among all of my birthdays, I will always remember with good and cherished thoughts. Such memories are perhaps the best present that a person can ever be given by someone they loved.


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