Loving in the Pool

I do not write erotica or the like but making love is a part of life and marriage. But here is a story from “Notes To Stephanie: Days Remembered” about that. It is a tale of cold beer on a hot day that did not cool us off – it is “PG13” not “R” or “X” by the way. Besides the obvious things it also taught me a life lesson too.

Neither of us is in to inappropriate public displays or actions that would seem improper, but one day we did something that I never thought we would do.

One day in the summer, we were in the pool on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. We had been drinking some, and we were both a bit tipsy. Not drunk, but we were leaning to the side of thinking we were invisible. We started getting frisky with each other; and without much hesitation, the bathing suits came flying off. Soon, we were making love by the step on the north side of the pool by the fence and bushes there. It is one thing to do that in the dark, which we also did, but in broad daylight is another thing entirely. Lucky for us, the trees, the fence, and the geometry of the houses meant no one could see us doing The Wild Thing.

Soon, we completed The Act, got our suits back on, and laughed about it later as we sobered up. Even better, the neighbors did not see us, did not complain, or call the police. You having been in Citizens on Patrol/Code Blue and both of us being in CERT would have made being arrested for public lewdness even worse. We were probably lucky, you know. Oh well, it was fun and one of the special moments that we had together, albeit one caused by the “demon brew” on that hot afternoon. Certainly, it was hot in more than one way, but we won’t go into details about that here.

This goes to show that sometimes things just happen; you do something you never thought you would do, but later realize that you did do it with some surprise. Hopefully, you remember the event in question with some fondness and laughter as well. Such inadvertent acts are part of what make us human after all. And as long as you don’t go to jail or get hurt, they are a good thing in the end. They should be treasured as much as some deliberate act of greatness that we are more apt to share with others. Their effects, while sprouted from spontaneity, are just as important as things we planned to do. So the next time you do something you thought you wouldn’t do, just forgive yourself and go on to life’s next adventure—perhaps in a swimming pool.


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