Do You Ever Wonder?

This is from “Notes To Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories”. It is another one of my weather/cirrus cloud themed Notes. And like many in this book it is shorter than the ones in the latter two.

Do you ever wonder what lies over the side of a hill? Underneath a cloud? Beyond the horizon and the curve of the world itself? Or wonder who lies underneath such sights as you gaze at them?

On a wintry day with high cirrus clouds streaming in from the west or the southwest, the visible curve of those clouds stretches back for maybe a hundred miles. Who lives under the overarching stream of whiteness? What towns are there? Whose lives are unfolding there? Seeing such things and thinking about who or what lies there gives me a sense of wonder and excitement that is hard to explain, but is there as sure as I tell you about it here.

And underneath the clouds high up and far away from where our lives unfold, do the people there look up as I do and wonder who or what lies underneath their distant sky? Underneath everyone’s skies are people like you and me, living and hopefully loving.
Most people go about their daily lives largely unaware of who else is looking up and out at such scenes. But there are some of us who do notice the unfolding beauty high above and gain a rich sense of being alive as its bright curve of whiteness reaches around the larger node of existence and covers the wide arc of greater life-realities beneath it. Our lives forever enriched by the wonders unfolding above and beyond our own world-line.

Jeff To Stephanie February 28, 2007


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