The Aquarium Note To Jane

Sometimes something at work connects with family. An email turns into a note. Life turns around us. One day this may be in book #5. Yes, i have to do #4 next….

To Jane:

Do you recall that clear blue water bottle and blue shark adorned coffee mug I bought at Aquarium in downtown Houston when we ate there last fall? I have them at work and I lug the water bottle around with me to my many meetings. Yesterday in a meeting a man asked me about them and which Aquarium I bought them at. He goes to Galveston sometimes. We talked about it some, plus the Houston Aquarium restaurant which he has not been to. I think he went to the one in Kemah perhaps.

That happy day in Houston, and others like it in Galveston with you, seems like a long time ago already. Days from another world and time gone forever now that you have graduated and moved away to Tennessee – the place where the Martin’s, Meemaw’s mom’s family, came from.

All of that, like Roger moving back here from Atlanta, is simply a new turn, or two, on the Wheel Of Life, eh? And sometimes the Wheel takes you back to those places that our family hales from like Tennessee. The Wheel turned for some of our ancestors over a century ago and we appeared here in Texas. Some of those same folk’s kin – like Linda Gupton (she writes too) – live near you now. So the Wheels turning returned some us, you that is, to from whence we came.

But we never know in advance how it will turn, but turn it does and life goes on for us within the larger world around us regardless of where we find ourselves when it stops its endless circles for a time. And turn again the Wheel will, always providing something new in our lives to suffer through, exalt in, or try.

But I digress, now back to my work and you should go sell some more pretty tropical fish and coral – where you work is another stop of the Wheel too you know.

Love Dad


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