Wolf Calling in Fort Worth

This is a Note from Notes To My Kids.  It is a temporal blend of my time with them doing something my dad and I did when I was a kid.    This will be in the fourth book one day but there I will tell my experiences doing this with my dad.

To Roger and Jane:

One weekend when you came to my house in Fort Worth, we did something my dad and I did when I was a kid. We went wolf calling. Wolf calling, you say? There are no wolves locally.  True, but there are lots of coyotes, and that is really what we went to call one evening.

After telling you we were going to try wolf calling, attracting them that is, I identified a place not too far from my house that looked like good ground for this endeavor. There were three hills covered with post oaks and bordered by an open pasture that was being graded for new houses. In fact, I had seen some coyotes there in broad daylight when I went walking up there. There was a small creek to the southwest of the hills that I guessed the coyotes used for water. You could get into the area since was no a gate and the dirt “roads” in the construction area were well packed. So after buying a wolf caller, a device used to make the sounds of animals that would attract the predator desired, we were ready to go. So one cool and moonless fall evening, we drove up there and started to call the coyotes.

We sat on the tailgate of my pickup, the dear old F150 I had for so long, and I started making the squealing noises my dad had showed me how to do long ago on my granddad’s farm near Valley View. To see the coyotes, we had a large flashlight with red plastic taped over its end, so we could cast light on them without them seeing the beam—coyotes are supposed to be color blind—thus, the red plastic used.

I kept the calls going at irregular intervals, just as my dad taught me, paused, and shined the light around where I thought there would be coyotes. Like so many times when I was a kid, there weren’t any to be seen.

Yes, many times no coyotes will appear when you call them, even though they are nocturnal creatures; and many times are not very scared of humans. But that night, they were elsewhere or were scared to come out towards us.

While we wanted to see the local cousins of the domesticated dogs, we were not successful.  But the result was not what was really important. The real result of that night together was being able to do something with you that most urban dwelling kids never heard of, much less had the chance to do. Thus, we did just that, and I also got to remember similar fun nights with my dad that had happened decades ago on a hillside pasture near the two stock tanks on dark, cold nights on my granddad’s farm. I hope one day you will recall that night with the same fondness, and maybe even try it with your now unborn kids.  Perhaps, you’ll have better luck than we did, and the coyotes will come out for you on that night to come.


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