Baby Jane Naps With Dad

Here is another one from “Notes To My Kids”.  This one is about my daughter.

To Jane…

Not long after you were born I had back surgery to fix my ruptured disk.  When you were born I was in a lot of pain. It was something I had endured for months.  In fact the day before my surgery I hurt so much I could not get up off the floor on my own.  Granddad Tom had to pick me up while I screamed out loud.  Truly I was in very bad shape.  Then blessedly I had the surgery which went well and my pain was gone.  The sharp aches and bolt-like throbs that went down my leg’s nerves had ceased but I had to stay home from work for six weeks and not get up much.  Hence I was on the couch or in the bed a lot. But that was OK as you will see.

Since you were a newborn your mom was home.  MeeMaw was there too helping us out since I could not do too much.  Your room was upstairs but I was not allowed to go up the stairs so I could not tend to you in the middle of the night.  When you woke up I could hear you cry while your mom or MeeMaw got up to get you a bottle or change you. I was stuck downstairs in the guest bedroom by myself unable to help. 

But during the day you were downstairs and did pitch in. Even though I could not sit up much I still held and fed you some.  Since you were a good baby and not too fussy you were easy to tend to.  I can still see that in your disposition now with your happy and loving ways.

Going back to holding you, one clear memory I have is when I was back on the bed after lunch one day.  You had been fed and MeeMaw brought you into me.  She said something simple like here is your daughter and she needs a nap. She was bringing me a great and valuable gift – you of course. Indeed, you were a great and tiny treasure that I loved having near. Your grandmother laid you down on my right side wrapped up in a warm blanket and went back in the den with your mom.

Turning slowly on my side, I was not supposed to move fast or jerk about, I cuddled you up close.  Your thin brown hair curled around your little head and you breathed softly and slept.  I was tired too and soon conked out on that late March day.

Such things happened several times when I was home.   Being a good and loving Dad I always wanted to be part of your life – I did the same thing with Roger.  Holding you close on the bed helped build our parent to child bonds. Napping with you was a small part of that natural flow. 

A little thing like a nap can go a long way to bring a father and child closer without either of them knowing it at the time.  Now that you are grown it is still one my most wonderful memories of you as a baby   I wish I could forget the horrible back pain however.  But without the surgery and the recovery I wouldn’t be telling you this exact tale.  Realizing that you can see that something bad in my life gave birth to something very good – this story that is.



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