Roger Barfs In The Car

You have to find something funny in something not so funny.  Here is one such story about my son.  It will be in my third book which is about my children who you have heard about in the first two books.  I will posting chapters from it over the near future before it is up for sale.

To Roger…

One summer day we went over to Grandmama’s to spend the afternoon there.  It was a hot day and after some time in the pool we decided to head back home to the east side of town.

After so many years I do not remember if you felt bad over there but on the way home you became very ill.  You were in the back seat in the car seat and we could see you were not feeling so good.

When we were driving on the now demolished I-30 Overhead on the south end of downtown you threw up.  You erupted out a huge, long stream of white vomit all over yourself, the car seat, and the upholstery of the old blue Buick’s back seat.  You cried out in anguished baby talk and I drove faster to get you home.

One of the most vivid things I recall was looking in my rear view mirror at you. You were still strapped in the car seat but had a look of abject agony on your face, a pathetic visage of hurt and discomfort.  You had some kind of cereal earlier and the half-digested chunks of it covered your blue Oshkosh overalls. A horrid stench of sour stomach juices wafted through the car too. It was not a pretty site.

Luckily we got home to Monterrey quickly and got you out of the car and inside to be cleaned up.  After you were bathed and settled down I went back out to the driveway to clean up the Buick which was certainly a mess.

I took the car seat out of the car and placed it on the driveway and turned on the garden hose and sprayed off the mess.  And I cleaned the car upholstery off too. After some time and effort the car seat and car were returned to normal.  And you felt better too.

That was not the last time you were sick in your life but that time sticks in my mind to this day since it was unique.  Your long past stomach problem caused me a case of indigestion that lingers to this day – it is an ill with no cure.  And honestly I do not want relief from it. Forgetting that day would deprive me of something that we both now laugh about when it’s recalled.  So whatever made you frown in agony that day still puts a smile on our faces now.


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