Your Rooms At My Homes

February 20, 2011

Now that Days Remembered is out there, I have returned to working on my next bok which will be about my kids.  It is tentatively called “Notes To My Kids: Little Stories About Grown Up Kids”.  Each note  will be a story from their childhoods, and maybe some from college too.  The notes will be like the ones in the first two books, a few pages each.  So to give you a feel for this book I will be posting sample notes as time goes by.  Here is one to start with.

After me and your mom split up I had my own place obviously. Whether it was an apartment or a house I always had bedrooms set up for you two. When you visited me I wanted you to have your own space and your own things there. Hopefully making those times with me seem more like you were still at home.

Over the years your rooms at my places had the usual stuff: a bed, a closet, and some other furniture like a little desk. Honestly I did not spend a lot on those furnishings but they seemed to work fine. You both had toys in the closet and a place to sit and do your homework. And of course you had your own TVs and later on a stereo each as well. When we weren’t doing something together you two would sit in your rooms, play with your stuff, and talk on the phone to your friends or your mom. All in all you had normal surrounding at my places where things were usually calm.

When you went home, you would straighten up your rooms and pack up your stuff, and off we would go back to Plano or The Colony to take you back to your Mom’s, your home away from your home with me. Yes as kids you had two homes you see.  Because I tried to make those places and times not feel like a vacation, and as much as I could like you were with me more, your rooms had a special place in my heart and still do. True, I had the rest of my houses to myself usually, but your rooms were still yours even if you were not in them most of the time, especially when you were in college and grown. And your rooms are still there even to this day. They are filled with your stuff still, Jane has more in hers, but those bedrooms remain yours not mine even though they are surrounded by the rest of the house which I alone now rule.

Even though I am the only one there most of the time your doors are open and your things remain there still. Still and quiet the rooms are now but in my mind I can clearly see and hear you in them. When I walk into them now I remember you sleeping in your beds or watching your TVs, reading a book, or eating a snack – all things you both always did. Those thoughts and images are the echoes of your childhoods that still fill those rooms and my heart every single day.

So what now for those two little rooms you might ask? Being single and you two grown there is no day-to-day need for them to be yours perhaps. But in reality they will remain yours as long as I am there. Maybe in not too many years hence you might be back in them more. Not by yourselves, but with a yet unknown spouse and maybe some kids of your own. And when that day comes your rooms and my house that once were filled with the sounds of your own youthful games and innocent childish fun will be that way again. That is the way your once and forever bedrooms at my house, also your home, should always be.