Days Remembered And Beyond

Now that Notes To Stephanie: Days Remembered is now up for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the question is of course what next?  Well the answer is simple, Notes About My Kids will be the focus of my writing.  It is about 20% done and based on the first two books it will be done next fall some time.

Of course I will keep marketing the first two books, that is not so easy of a task, and that too will be a focus for 2011.

Some of you might also be wondering if there will be more Notes To Stephanie books written.  The simple answer is no, there will be no more books about our time  together.  Sure there are more things I could write about, like many of the sentences in the last Note of Days Remembered called ‘Do You Remember?’, but I will not do that.   The story has been told, there is really nothing more to say.

Now after Notes ABout My Kids there is a fourth Notes book planned which will deal with my family and years growing up.  Right now that is simply a list of chapters/Notes.  It is  along way off from being done. But one day it will be.

And beyond that?  Well there is the cookbook, the project “mismanagement”  book, and maybe a  fifth Notes book whose exact theme I am still working on.  Maybe something like “Notes On People I Met On Business Trips” or simply a collection of miscellaneous Notes about whatever comes to my mind.  We will see how that unfolds.

I think that is enough to keep me busy for some time to come….. For now have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.


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