Another Chapter Done

September 27, 2010

Right now Notes To Stephanie: Days Remembered is in final formatting.  Once done it will go up to LSI and appear on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Thus, it will be up for sale in October sometime and this project will be completed.

 Thinking back, this book took an entire year  to write and edit.  I think the time was well worth it and concludes telling the story of “Stephanie” and I.  Sure I could write some more Notes on her and I but I won’t since Days Remembered and its predecessor say it all I think.   So what will she think about this book?  Who knows, and her reaction if she has one, is not why I wrote it.  I wrote the book to tell a story.  Really more than one story about everyday people and how they went through life facing its ups and downs. That fact is something obvious yet it is something that when I thought about those events there was more to them than just the events themselves.  In life’s events, even though they are commonplace, one can see something greater than the event itself.  That side of things is reflected in the “life lesson” I tend to put at the end of each Note.  Little things make me think of larger ones you see. And that is the ultimate point of what I write about.  I tell stories that many of us have lived and then draw a lesson from them to share with others.  By sharing my experiences, which sometimes makes my emotions swell up in me when it is something painful, I hope others can learn from what I have seen and maybe put the events in their own lives in perspective. Hopefully then their journey through life’s sometimes rough roads might be easier.

 So what is my next project you might ask?  Book #3 will be “Notes AboutMy Kids”.  It will have the same format as the first two “Notes” books but will cover things about my children as  they grew up and became adults.  I have started writing on this and have about 15% of a draft done.  This one will take another year to do so I will write and edit and post Notes from it as I go down that road.  After that, book #4 will be Notes about my growing up years.  I have not written anything on it yet but I have a chapter outline.  It will have the same format as the other books as well. Together I am calling the books “The Notes Series”.

 And how about a book #5? I don’t know yet.  But I did have one idea in the Denver airport one day after  a lady started talking to me who had a better boarding group than me.  For some reason she offered to let me say I was with her, and thus board the plane earlier.  She did not have to do that but it was a kind gesture that I remembered.  On another day on the way home I sat next to a man at the bar who knew Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief who I have met.  He told me some stories about the Moncriefs who own some land near his home in central Colorado.  Strange to meet someone who knew Moncrief in an airport bar in Denver, eh? Based on those two days I thought I could write book about such things having done a lot of business travel over the years: “Notes About People At The Airport”.  You never know who you might meet or see in a busy airport.

 So in the end writing the Notes books is like life itself.  You go down the road of existence , maybe not knowing to where, but in the end you live life and maybe learn something from it, especially things that show us that there are greater things than just ourselves.