This note is from my original book, “Notes To Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories”.  It is one of the first notes I ever wrote to “Stephanie”.   I am going to post some of the notes from that book here from time to time.  Thus you can get another view of the overall story I am telling in the first book and the sequel “Days Remembered”.

Forever. Remember that Saturday night you told me with such love and emotion in your eyes you wanted to be with me forever? I still think of that, the picture of you so clear in my mind filling me with strong emotions still.

You said that when we die our being, our soul, our energy leaves our body and goes off into the universe. You said you hoped we would be together then, forever, somehow our energy finding each other. Who knows what happens when we die. Maybe you are right. I surely hope so. Knowing you now, the corporeal Stephanie that I love so much, how could I bear to not be with you forever? It really does hurt to think of not having you around one day.

That hurt of someday not having you with me is a sign of how much I love you, and is a feeling that I have never had before with anyone. Your wish of never being apart from me shows clearly how much you really love me. The look of hope, love, and longing in your big, beautiful eyes when you said that still shines in my mind’s eye just as bright as it did that evening in our den. Maybe it took all of our ups and downs over the years to know what real love is and how much it means to have it. And how much it would hurt to lose it.

Regardless of what eternity holds, I will always enjoy the time we have in this reality. So if one day we can be together in the “great beyond” I know we will be happy there too, just as we are happy now in this plane of existence.


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