The Perfect Day

Yesterday afternoon it rained cats and dogs.  A tropical downpour from the remains of Hurricane Alex. When it started I was hot and tired, I had returned from the park and grocery shopping.  Plus I was cooking dinner which also raised my ambient temperature.  So what did I do?  I put on my bathing suit, grabbed a cold beer,  went out in the deluge, and got in my swimming pool.  Of course I submerged under the water but when I came up I was surrounded by rain.  Water all around me, cooling me down.  The sound of it cascading from the trees and the house was all that could be heard.  Crazy you ask?  Maybe so but it was  similar to something I did on a  perfect day a few years ago.  Hopefully within all of the rainy days of life we can find something good.  By the way, this will be the first Note in my upcoming “Days Remembered”.

Do you remember the day we finished the French drain in the backyard by the pool?  You did most of the work digging the trench that first June of our married life.  With a large rainstorm looming we had to finish the project to see if the drain worked. So we decided that day was the day to get it done.

 And so we did.  That day was like many June days.  It was cloudy, humid, and windy.  The radar showed the heavy rain was coming in so we rushed to get the trench filled and smoothed over before the deluge hit us.

 So there we both were:  me in my swimsuit and you in your light green bikini looking sexy indeed.  As we shoveled the dirt we both got covered with mud from head to toe.  But that was part of the fun you see, working together to finish that important task under the threat of more rain to come.

 And then it started raining on us.  We had a couple of beers and kept moving dirt as the rain started to fall.  We finally got the ditch filled when the bottom fell out of the grey sky and a long downpour was upon us and the Earth,

 But the pouring rain was a good thing.  It cooled us off and also washed off all of the mud, grass, and sweat.  Do you remember standing up in the rain as if it was a shower, laughing at that as we chugged on some beer?  Since there was no lightning about we just enjoyed being out in the cooling rain, getting clean and a little drunk at the same time.

 We were out there a while then the rain let up and we went back inside and took a real shower. The rest of the day we relaxed, satisfied that the drain was diverting the water and working well. We were happy about taking a shower outside in the rain with a cold beer in our hands to wash away the dirt covering us both. 

 Certainly that day was a perfect day.  We did something as a couple and really enjoyed it from start to finish.  A day filled with work was also filled with fun and love together in the pouring rain on a warm summer day in June in the backyard by the pool.


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