Napping At The Symphony

Here is another Note from “Days Remembered” that has a funny side to it.  Imagine the effects of a few drinks while watching the symphony….

Going to the Bass Hall in downtown Fort Worth is something one does with an amount of décor since it is not some place for a happy hour or a noisy sports bar filled with drunks.  Instead people who enjoy the arts gather for the quite enjoyment of the symphony or a play. We had done that before, going there with the “upper crust” to watch musicals and the like. We wore something other than a t-shirt with some beer brand on it and sat in our seats and applauded when it was considered polite to do so. It was something you enjoyed and a thing I had learned to sometimes like too.

And so I bought tickets to see the symphony of some sort for you and we went there. But while there I committed an unforgiveable sin in the eyes of the fete set who frequented the place. I remember it well. The performance was on a Saturday afternoon. I ate lunch but I also had a few drinks before we left. I had hoped the booze would enable me to endure the music better. Not liking symphonic music I knew I would be bored stiff. Thus I consumed some vodka and tonics to take the edge off of the upcoming acoustic torture. After lunch we got dressed and drove downtown to the Great Hall and went inside.  

We took our seats and the lights dimmed low. The music began which to me was worse than someone running their fingernails down a blackboard or some tom cat howling and screeching at midnight. But I said nothing since the show was for you and I listened with great discomfort.

The darkness however was my undoing. I started to feel sleepy and then off I dozed. But that was not my real crime against the arts; my snoring was the abomination, especially to the elderly lady next to you who you said gave me a dirty look. That was in contrast to the young couple behind us who laughed at the whole shameful affair you said.

I awoke nonetheless refreshed and was able to withstand more of the music. Thankfully the performance ended and we were able to leave the beautiful and truly grand Bass Performance Hall to go have some drinks, a dirty martini at the nearby 8.0 Bar. Regardless of what the orchestra was playing my nap and snoring were the real performance noticed with chagrin by some art lovers that day. I trust the loyal patrons around us enjoyed my spontaneous nasal, narcoleptic recital and will remember it with great fondness each day. I know I will.


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