Sunset Picnic In Aransas Park

This note from my Upcoming “Days Remembered” is one of the shorter ones in the book.  While it is short it makes a point that sometimes we just need to live and not always do.  That is,  a simple time can be rememered as much as something that was a large affair.

It is about a little picnic in a park done at a place I see often while I am out playing disc golf.  Something that happened over three years ago but whose memory is still fresh in my mind.

One fine winter day we went on a little picnic in the park by the house.  It was something I had told you I wanted to do.  We would sip on some wine, eat some finger foods, and watch the sunset sitting on a blanket on the grass.

Late one afternoon I packed the ice chest and we drove down the hill to the middle of the park and walked to a spot we had picked out one day when we were walking.  We spread out the blanket, opened some wine, and watched the world go by as the sun neared the horizon in front of us.  As the air started to cool we noshed on some food and watched people go by with their kids or their dogs.  A few talked to us, said we had a good idea, and that they should do it too.

Time went on, the sun did set, and the light started to wane.  We sat there talking to each other about nothing in particular I think, we just went from thing to thing for no reason at all.  We were simply alive and enjoying what was before us that cool, sunny day.

And perhaps that is the point.  We had a great time on a little knoll covered with grass near a creek in a park.  There was nothing fancy or lavish about it at all but it was a grand thing to do.  Sometimes to be more alive we have to simply live and not always “do”.  It was uncomplicated and fun with no pressing agenda to hurry us about.  But it was still something worth remembering.  So when I walk past there now the afterglow of that simple yet meaningful time lingers, I can still see us on the blanket by the trees in the dimming light. Thus, the memories of such times can last well after they happened and touch our heart and soul.


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