What Do the Pictures Mean?

Someone asked me,” Jeff what do your pictures mean to you?”  I thought about that and perhaps this will explain what they signify when I look at them.

If you notice none of my pictures have a person in them unless it is someone  in the distance or is seen by accident.  While I do take some shots of people for groups I am in like CERT and my writer’s club, the ones I put up for the public are ”sans personas” if you will.  In short I like landscapes the best and am not interested in people or animal pictures.   The feel of a wide view outside and the weather is what I like to see and photograph.

But what I like shooting still does not answer the original question.  What they mean to me is based on how I feel when I see a shot that I took or am about to take.  When I see a picture like “Another View Of Forever” or “The Bridge At Heritage” I get a feeling of timelessness and something bigger than myself.  The wide expanse of the world unfolds in front of me and the long road of time unwinds to someplace unseen.  A little butterfly appears in my stomach which makes me feel alive while I stand in awe at what I see around me or is above my head in the sky.  The meaning my pictures try to capture is a view of life that is larger than mere self-interest and one that is more lasting than the span of our own lives.  We all live in this universe for a while, surrounded by its simple grandeur, then others take our place in eternity when we are gone.  Through the passage of time the cycle of life and the remembrance of those who were here before us continues without a known end.  And the Earth beneath us always remains as life’s stage for the play of our lives and its many acts of sorrow,  triumph,  love,  and sadness until the final curtain falls for us all one day. 

That may be a mouthful but that’s what my pictures (and my writng) make me feel and thus defines their meaning.  You might think such thoughts are poetic or grandiose, and I guess they are, but that is best way I can explain something that is both ethereal and yet real to me at the same time.

So if my ideas above make you wonder about my images see how they make you feel at  http://www.redbubble.com/people/jeffturnerphoto .


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