A Small Church And A Small Surprise

Quite by accident I took a picture of something inside of a building.  All of my others up on a website for sale and are landscapes of various types.  But not the day I shot some pictures inside of the church whose exterior I have photographed.

Late one afternoon I was at the Watauga Presbyterian Church looking at the backside of the showers that had moved through earlier hoping for some shots of that. I took a few but did not think they were any good.  The clouds shapes were not dramatic and the light was too sharp.  So I turned from my view from the east and noticed  a white van had pulled up to the front of the church and a man was stepping out of it with  twelve packs of sodas.  He saw me and seemed to wonder why I was there so I went up to him and introduced myself and described what I was doing there.  I explained that I had taken pictures of the church and had some on-line for sale.  We talked for a bit about the long history of the church which dates back to the 1850s and how they wanted to do some renovations to the building one day.  Then he did something surprising: he asked me if I wanted to see the inside of the church.  Of course I accepted his kind gesture.

He unlocked the front door and we stepped inside to a world that reminded me of times long ago in another country church.  The church is small but is filled with things from another time in our history.  There are ornate, curved wooden pews, a pump organ, and a wooden floor, all of it with a sense of slight disrepair here and there.  It was very much like what I remembered of the Valley View Church Of Christ we attended when I was a kid.  I could picture myself as a little boy again squirming in the pew next to my mom and wanting  the sermon to be over so we could go back to my grandparents’ house, eat lunch with our cousins, and play.  But this was not Valley View in the 1960s but Haltom City not far from my house in Fort Worth in the present.

I looked around some more while he explained some of the details of what was inside like the carpet down the aisle that had been donated so it could be used in a wedding.  All of the history he told me was like many other old churches.  It was full of family, fading old memories, and the snippets of the lives of those who once sat in those curved wooden pews.  It was full of life itself and I got to see a bit of those lives thanks to the kindness of this man who worshipped there along with the other members of the dwindling congregation.

He next turned to me and said he had to take the rest of the sodas inside and return home.  He appreciated the fact that I had interest in the church and would give my author business cards to the  church’s governing body.  I thanked him for that gesture and got in my car and drove home.  All in all it was an interesting event that began by randomly driving to a place I had been to before.  But this time I also got a small surprise.  Small surprises are one of the things that make life special I think.  They add a little spice to the mostly boring cake of everyday life. 

And by the way the pictures turned out pretty good.  Here is one of them that tells the story of the small gift that man at the church gave me that day:  http://www.redbubble.com/people/jeffturnerphoto/art/4964295-1-inside-the-church-1

I hope you all are treated to something wonderful like this one day.  A small surprise and something you had not seen.


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