It Is Spring In More Than One Sense

The seasons are changing now.  Winter and its cold are giving way to spring and its warmth and thunderstorms.  There are many clichés that relate this cycle of change and how our lives progress but it is a true thing nonetheless.

All of us have had good times and bad times.  The last year for me in many ways has not been fun but things are starting to give way to a new cycle of better events.  I sure hope so even though the last few months have not been devoid of good experiences either.  And that of course shows us something else.  Even in hard and tough times new, softer things peek up through the smoldering rubble of what troubles us.

That fact is like what happens in spring at its start.  It is still chilly outside many times but the trees start budding out, the weeds start growing, and the grass begins to turn green once more.  And it  might snow too.  Thus even in our darkest hours we should look out for a sign of light that might soon shine down upon us.

When the bad times do turn to good we should be glad and thankful about this.  We can attribute this change to God, luck, or something else but it is there in our daily lives.  The cycles always wax and wane but that change is one thing that makes us human after all.  We are more than just the DNA in our cells. We are more importantly the things that have happened to us that have forged our character, beliefs, and morals.  That and who our parents were make us who we are.  While it is tough to do we should always embrace the hard times knowing that they will prepare us for the good things that surely will be coming.


One Response to It Is Spring In More Than One Sense

  1. jane says:

    I love it Jeff! i read all your blogs and enjoyed each one of them….i cant wait to read the books.

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