The Time To Help Someone

Recently I was messaging back and forth to a Facebook friend about another friend’s trying times. In these conversations the subject of helping other people or caring for them came up. I later thought to myself that I had written about doing just that in the draft of book #2, Days Remembered in a couple of places. I looked through my pages and found  the notes that show us that helping someone can be done at any time.  The  form of that assistance also does not have to be something major or noticed by the public.  Regardless, a small act of kindness as the saying goes can mean something.  Therefore, here are the notes in question that to me show this idea well.

The Lady In The Car

One Sunday we went driving around the west side of Lake Worth and also to Lake Country as you liked to do many times. In that sense that little trip was no different than others we done but today would be a little different.

We left the Lake Country area and went to a new housing development via some back roads overlooking the south end of Eagle Mountain Lake. Next we turned into the place where you wanted to go which was an area with large lots that stair-stepped up a hill to the east of the road.

We drove slowly up the street looking at the empty lots until we got to the top of the hill and stopped. We slurped down a beer or two and looked down the hill and around us at the terrain and lots trying to guess what the price per lot was. We saw a couple of cars go by us and then we left that spot and drove to the development next to that one.

That tract was more developed since it had several finished homes on it. It was adjacent to an older “bread and butter” neighborhood you were familiar with from your real estate days. We drove slowly down the street which went south and then turned around and came back.
As we passed a house we went by a car with a lady in its front seat. She looked like she was asleep. We wondered about that, we thought perhaps something was wrong with her so we turned back around and parked the truck in front of her car. She did not move or notice our arrival and thus our fears were fueled by her lack of movement.

We got out and looked in at her. She was out like a light it seemed. Before calling 911 we knocked on the windows pretty hard to see if she would awaken. And to our surprise and relief she did jerk up and was awake.

We asked her if she was OK as she rolled down her window still a little groggy. We asked her again if she was well and explained what we had seen. She said she was looking at houses too and simply had dozed off in her car. It was a warm day so that seemed logical to us. We ended the conversation and left her  for home.

So that Sunday afternoon was more than just a joy ride around looking for a house. It also showed we could think about and care for other people: we were for a moment good Samaritans that happened to be at the right place and time to maybe help someone. In this age how many people would have simply kept driving thinking they did not want to get involved? Or simply said “it’s not my problem”? Probably a lot of our fellow citizens would have done just that. And that is a shame that people cannot even for a moment divorce themselves from their own interests to simply see if they could help another person who might not be able to help themselves. We can’t vouch for others but we certainly took a chance and asked if we could help someone we did not know. Others should do that too since you never know when the day will come when you might be the lady in the car and really need someone’s help.

The Kid Working Alone At The Wing Place

Sometimes a small act of service or kindness deserves a big thank you. And the day I got some chicken wings at a place across from the Wal Mart Super Center was one of those times.

 One Saturday you and I were out shopping and we went into the Super Center near our house on Beach Street.  We inside and bought stuff, what exactly we purchased I do not remember now, and then we got back into the car.  At that point in time near midday my blood sugar started to get a little low and we hurriedly looked around for a place to get me some lunch.  Across the street was a wing place. That sounded good so we drove over there and parked outside of its front door. 

 We went inside and there was but one person working there, a teenage boy.  I ordered some wings and started working on the order.  He came out to me and apologized for no one else being there assured me that the order would not take long since I did advise him that my sugar was getting low.

 He went into the back got some wings and started cooking.  The phone rang too and he had to talk to customers calling in orders to pick up.  He was doing the work of two or three people and was juggling things around.  He looked a bit harried but he kept his focus and soon my wings were done.  He thanked me for being patient and I thanked him as well.

 Afterwards we talked about how polite he was and how he did not stop caring like so many young people do now.  He was a breath of fresh air in stale environment of bad and shoddy customer service that seems to be so common now.  And I was thankful for what he did.  A small act of service and kindness made to someone he did not know.

 As the saying goes one good turn deserves another so I made a point to give him some thanks as well.  I looked up the web site of his restaurant chain and found the customer comment section with you nearby.  On that page customers could send in a comment about a store or its staff.  I sent in a detailed thank you for that young man whose name I did not know but whose face I can still picture simply because he was polite and helped me out.

 I never got a reply from the company he worked for and I never saw him again.  Once I thought about going there to see if he was there and had received the thank you but I never went back to see if that was the case or not.

Regardless of knowing the name of that Good Samaritan who was just doing his job such small acts of kindness make an impression on me.  For whatever reason, these acts tug at my heart and fill me with emotions that are hard to explain.  Whatever the reason they are done I think they should be noticed and repaid in some way; that is the essence of the Golden Rule you know.  If we did such things for each other, especially for strangers, our culture would be a far friendlier and more comfortable place for us all.  And that would be the finest thing we could ever serve to one another in a time of need.


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