The Meaning Of Weather And Life

Besides enjoying bright, sunny days with high cirrus clouds streaming overhead I also like snowy days and thunderstorms.  Truly, I enjoy the weather which is something I got from my dad.  We would for example sit on the patio and watch the storms like it was some atmospheric football game.   The clash of thunder and the flashes of lightning, along with the rain, were the plays in that sport.  One day in high school we were watching some huge lightning storm across the Red River and my dad simply said “The Okies are catching hell”.  That statement was sort of like a sportscaster commenting on a play.  And then it rained as the saying goes.  So over the years we watched many storms together like that.  Doing that was always something interesting and exciting to me and still is.  Geez I even go to the storm spotter classes the Weather Service holds each year.  But I have yet to deliberately go storm chasing.  Regardless the severe weather season is something I like a lot

On the other hand snow days are the total opposite to the aerial chaos of some strong storm.  The snow floats down on the landscape, sometimes heavily, but most of the time its fall is a gentle one that is quiet and calming.  The flakes swirl around and drape the world around us like a cold but yet comforting blanket.    Its dusting is a smooth white canvas upon which the world is painted, our homes and cars are like landmarks in an impressionist painting.  The snow lies for a while on the ground but the sun does come out and melts it away leaving only memories of how it made our world look so different.  Thus, the snow is something unlike a thunderstorm and yet it captures my imagination just the same.

What does all of this mean putting on my author’s hat?  To me it is a theme I do allude to and also write specifically about.  Different things can appeal to us even though they are vastly different and yet related in some way.  That is, snow and storms are very different yet both are meteorological events.  They both cover the landscapes of our lives but do so in dissimilar ways.  And with their differences one can find  enjoyment and wonder in each of them when they are seen.

Therefore the moral of this little tome is really pretty simple you know.  Look around you on any day and notice what is beautiful and enjoyable.  But do the same thing on a different type of day and learn to see there are new things to appreciate and like.  One day storms, one day snow.  There is always something new to see.

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