Thoughts On Pictures

The original notes in “Notes To Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories” each had an image on them.   I searched the internet for a picture that seemed to match the topic in the note.  When I turned the notes into a book I took the images out since they were someone else’s image.  A copyright issue you see.  Regardless, I liked the style of the notes with the images.  Here is one example image:

I am not sure where I found it but I give full credit to whoever made it –  if you see it let me know who you are.

When I started writing the sequel “Days Remembered” I  first considered having images on each note.  However, I would of course have to create the images or ask permission of image creators to use their work.  I decided that in and of itself would be a huge task since there are some 93 notes, the forward and afterward, plus the covers — around 100 images in total.  So I decided to have only a “few” images in the book at certain places (photographs).   So I started taking some pictures.  I knew what I wanted the pictures to look like in general so I went on drives and took a bunch of pictures  Truly you have to take several shots to get the one you really like. And since I took the photos they could be copyrighted as book content of course.

At this time there are around ten images in the book.  All of them are black and white pictures.  The style of the images relates to one of the themes you see in the books.  Wide vistas and high cirrus clouds.  You can see this at work by reading the notes called “Bonds Ranch Road: The View Of Forever” and “Another View Of Forever” on the sample page for “Notes To Stephanie: Days Remembered”. .  It is, again, something you will see in both of the “Stephanie” books.

Finally, you can see some of these images on my Facebook page on the photos tab.

For books #3 and #4 which deal with my family I plan on using pictures of them.  Or maybe something else…..who knows what a writer might do right?

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