Just How Do You Write A Book Anyway?

People have asked me how did you write your book?  The first one was not a book at first, it was a series of notes I wrote over some two years to my ex-wife.  One day I realized I had enough of them for a book and after the divorce I did just that.  I  thought why not do that?  And thus I got it up on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

Now the second and third books are deliberate attempts at writing a book.  I sat down and came up with a starting list of chapters and started penning them.   The planned fourth book will be that way as well.  I finished a draft of the second book in two weeks.  But I have been tweaking it since then and will soon edit it more heavily so I can file the copyright and all of that stuff so it can be sold.  The third book’s first draft is about 15% done based on the chapter count.  There is a starting chapter list for book #4 as well.  All of the books will be 200 to 300 pages long.  The first book is a little less than 200 pages by the way.  All of them will have a format that is similar to my first book, “Notes To Stephanie: Middle Aged Love Letters And Life Stories”.  That is, each chapter is a short note on a specific topic.

Should I write a novel?  Some say I should but I have nothing in mind right now and in some ways that type of book does not really appeal to me, at least right now.  Finishing the “Notes Series” of books, and then the cookbook which is also is in process, is what I plan to do at this time. 

I write about what I know.  That is, life and the things that it plops into our laps.  They say an author should write about what he or she knows and I guess I am doing that.


One Response to Just How Do You Write A Book Anyway?

  1. Annie Hale says:

    Jeff, I just finished reading a sample of your book. I must say I was moved by your story and your blog. I am sorry to read that your marriage ended. The gift, however, is that it gave you a wonderful remembrance of a love well spent.


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